Chengdu website analysis: What are template websites and customized websites for you

Many customers do not understand the difference between customized websites and template websites. A website company in Chengdu will analyze the following for you: template website building has several names: intelligent website building, self-service website building, template website building, intelligent CMS system module website building, quick website building, etc. A customized website is a design oriented website that designs page layouts and develops functional programs based on customer needs.

1. Different development processes

The standardization process for customized websites involves: customer request - homepage design plan - program improvement - functional testing - debugging - acceptance - handover. The process of template website building is as follows: customers select the template and then activate it for use. Template website construction saves a lot of steps compared to website design and development, which is why template website construction is cheaper. Overall, template website construction is only suitable for customers who hope to have a website promotion, without considering customer experience and online marketing.

2. Different development times

Customized websites have a longer production cycle compared to template based websites, requiring professional web design artists and programmers. Moreover, clients can develop any function they propose, while template based or self-service website building is not possible. Due to its lower price, it is considered a quick website for selecting templates.

3. Development website advantages and disadvantages:

a. Advantages: The program development is relatively free, which can fully leverage the abilities of website developers, making the completed website more personalized, secure, and stable. At the same time, it also makes the website more scalable. The website is easy to optimize and promote.

b. Disadvantage: Due to manual development, labor costs are relatively high and require more resources than other website building methods.

4. Advantages and disadvantages of template website building:

a. Advantages: Fast website construction speed, low achievement, and widely adopted by many network companies providing enterprise website construction services.

b. Disadvantage: The website lacks personality and has simple functions.